When diving into Facebook marketing for your power washing company, you need to know what platforms are most popular with your target audience. Even if you’re unsure where they spend their time on the internet, some pretty good guesses will help you figure out how best to reach them online. For example, according to SEM Rush, Facebook is currently the third most-visited site in the United States. And the second most-visited site behind YouTube. By 2022 is projected to be #1; it also has more than 1 billion active users worldwide. If these numbers don’t convince you of Facebook’s importance as a potential marketing channel for your business, keep reading!

Facebook offers many features that can effectively promote companies of all sizes—from small businesses like power washing companies to big brands like Coca-Cola. Facebook marketing for your power washing business can be an exciting opportunity to interact with new people, build relationships, and get the word out about your services.

One of the essential processes in social media marketing is creating a Facebook page for your power washing company. This page is where you will post updates and engage with users, so you must set up a professional-looking profile that reflects your brand identity.

After creating your page, the next step is posting valuable and engaging content consistently. Aim for at least once per day but don’t go overboard. Too much activity makes you look less trustworthy and pushes people away from interacting with you on social media sites like Facebook.


Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business – What You Should Include and Why


Creating your Facebook page is simple; optimizing it to attract your ideal customer can be tricky. Sign in to your personal Facebook account on a desktop browser and then click the “+” sign next to your name to create a page.

A drop-down menu will appear. Select “create page.” It will take you to a form asking you what kind of page you want to create.


Drop down menu to create a page for Facebook Marketing

Dropdown menu to create a new Facebook page


On the left-hand side of the page, you will enter your:

  • Page name (Ideally your business name)
  • The category of your page (Power washing isn’t available. Go with cleaning.)
  • A brief description of the business and services.

    Form to create your business page for Facebook Marketing

    Form to create your business page for Facebook Marketing



You need to include the following information on your business page:

  • Company Name
  • Company address (if you have physical location)
  • Contact information for customers (E-mail, Phone)
  • Company Website or Landing page (This helps a lot for SEO purposes)
  • The services your business offers
  • An engaging, professionally-created banner that is formatted correctly with a strong call to action.

Once you have established your page, make your first post and invite your friends and family to visit it. You can also ask them to share the link with others so that more people see it.


Posting Content on Facebook – Best Practices, Tips, and Tools


To make the most of Social Media, you need to know how to post content in a way that people find engaging.

Your posting strategy should include a mix of images and videos. A good rule of thumb is to post at least one photo or video per day. You can also use animated GIFs in case you don’t have any suitable images or videos available.

As a small business, your only goal when posting is to sell, sell, sell. I know it sounds crazy, and everything you have read prior tells you to avoid selling in your post. I’m here to tell you those “gurus” are wrong.

The whole point of making your post is to attract a customer. You want them to contact you. To do that, you have to sell them that you are the best and tell them to contact you with a strong call to action in every post.

When your potential clients do contact you, respond pretty quickly- not just when it’s convenient for you. Customers often use social media to get information about your company, so you need to be responsive and helpful to get more potential customers.

You should also develop Social Media content ahead of time so that you can schedule posts in advance. Social media posts, when done right, can be an effective way to increase your online presence and bring more customers to your power washing business.


How Facebook Marketing Can Help Your Power Washing Company Grow


Social Media is rapidly becoming an essential tool for marketing purposes. So if you want to give your power washing company an edge over the competition, Social Media is a must.

Your business can use Social Media to promote your business and reach a wider audience than traditional marketing methods ever could. Social media posts are effective ways to increase leads for your power washing company. Social media can help grow your business by enabling you to target specific audiences and gain exposure for your company. Social Media can become highly successful for any size of power washing business as long as it is done right.

What kind of Facebook Posting is Right for Your Power Washing Business?

Facebook Marketing works best when it is about the people rather than the business. It’s all about talking to your customers, not at them.

Social media can be most useful when used with other direct response marketing methods like e-mail and direct mail marketing.



Social Media is a great way to market your power washing company. With over 100,000 Facebook pages with more than 5,000 followers, there is an opportunity to work with many people. Creating a page for your company and posting updates that are engaging and tell a story about your company will bring people to you.

Social Media is free advertising; it’s worth investing time into building up an online presence on platforms like Facebook or Instagram if you want to increase visibility for your business.

Suppose you are looking to increase your reach and gain new follows and leads for your organization. Consider filling out this quick form to see where you stand in the current marketplace. Then, schedule a free 1 on 1 to discuss the cracks in your digital foundation and how to get them repaired.

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