The No Nonsense approach to get more leads on autopilot

Without paying expensive lead generation services for shared leads.

By leveraging the power of pay-per-click and organic search, the digital agency services of BKXX Enterprises can put you at the top of the most commonly used search engines to drive more website traffic, increase conversions on your website, and build long-lasting relationships between you and your clients.

To know where your business can go, you have to know where it is now. This is why I am offering you a no cost marketing analysis that will produce an easy to understand reportcard on the most important parts of your business's digital footprint.

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Jeremy Jackson
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We have the perfect marketing solutions no matter size or stage of your home service business

Whether you are just starting out, ready to make a dent in the universe, or an established business that just needs a bit of fuel to stay in orbit, BKXX Enterprises can help you achieve all of your digital marketing goals.

Each one of the packages below consist of a combination of done for you services and done by you software that will help you conquer the local market. Your competitors will be left scratching their head trying to figure out your success.

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"Take Your Service Based Business
 From Zero to Hero In 6 Months"

Your customers are looking to you for help. 

Are you showing up when they need you the most?
According to Google, 93% of mobile users who search for your services, buy within the hour.

The digital marketing agency services provided by BKXX Enterprises, LLC has the perfect online marketing solution for you.

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Completed Projects
In a sleepy little town in Urbana, Ohio
Of Sales and Marketing Experience
World Class Digital Marketing Services With Your Goals In Mind
I started my digital marketing agency to do one thing and one thing alone... 

Help you grow your business to levels never before imagined by:
  •  Ensuring you have a complete business listing.
  • ​  Syncing that data across all the major listing sites.
  • ​  Increasing exposure with targeted content marketing.
  •   Putting hours back in your day.
BKXX Enterprises uses a three-pronged approach to tell your story to target your ideal customer, make it easy for your customer to reach you for your service, and keep in constant contact through email marketing. The competition will be scratching their heads at your success.
Custom online marketing solutions tailored to:
Helping Your
Service Business Grow
No two businesses are the same. That is why I have a dynamic approach to marketing your services online. I know what may work for one business won't work for all.

But the basics are still the basics and if the proper foundation is set. It doesn't matter how well the walls are built, the house will fall down.

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Here are just a few reasons you should hire our Digital Marketing services to help you get more website traffic
There are over 7 billion people on this planet. 4.66 billion of them use the internet daily. Are you doing everything that you can to get your products and services in front of them?

Reason One

You will be able to focus on your business and take care of your clients the best way YOU know how. 

Reason Two

You will save on cost by leveraging the capacity of my agency that specializes in marketing the way that best suits your business and budget.

Reason Three

Working with an expert who has completed similar projects for similar companies will save time and have reproducible results.

Reason Four

It's scaleable. Add new paths to your product through new advertising channels without needing to hire more staff saving you both time and money.
Need A Marketing Strategy That Actually Produces Results?
We have exactly what you need no matter the stage your business is in. 

BKXX Enterprises' digital marketing packages can launch your business off the ground, or keep it in orbit.

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Your Local Digital Marketing Solutions
BKXX Enterprises takes a tailored approach with each one of our clients' digital marketing needs. Our services can be purchased a-la-carte or bundled for greater savings.
Business Growth Accelerator | Ignite
Have a great idea, don't know how to get it off the ground? The business Launch Accelerator will set your foundation to effectively market your product or services online.
Business Growth Accelerator | Burn
Leverage the power of AI to grow your business through the power of organic search engine optimization.
Business Growth Accelerator | Fuel
Use the power of paid advertising to reach more people searching for a solution they can't find.
BKXX Enterprises Business Growth Accelerator Fuel
Google My Business Growth Accelerator
The 800lb. Gorilla on the web holds the keys to your success. From map placements to a properly structured google business site, the Google My Business Growth accelerator will your foundation to organic traffic through Google.
Software As A Solution
Use the power of automation to handle the most mundane tasks like new hire onboarding, payroll, and marketing
Neet something Custom?
Not a problem! Schedule a call today and we can discuss your exact needs to take your business to the next level.

As Seen In Your Mailbox

Take the conversation off-line to any visitor who visited your website and didn't take action. 

With our a simple tracking pixel placed on your website, you will be able to provide a personal touch to your campaign by inviting your prospect to revisit your website or to call you for services.     
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
YES! I'm ready to Attract more customers to your website, Convert more customers when they visit their website., and Spend less on advertising cost!

I understand that when I act now, not only do I get the "Business Growth Accelerator" Digital marketing service, but I also get all of the following:

BONUS #1 - Free website audit to see how your current website is performing.

BONUS #2 - Free landing page to jump start your lead generation.

BONUS #3 - 10 email follow up campaign designed to hook your audience and keep them a customer for life.

You have 365 Days
To Put the "Business Accelerator" programs to The Test

If the "Business Accelerator" programs doesn't attract more customers to my website... If it doesn't take my customers by the hand, step-by-step to help them buy MY product or service when they visit my website.... or if it fails to help me spend less on digital advertising cost, then I understand that I will be able to cancel any time at the end of the specified contract date, No Questions Asked!

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 very happy clients
Focused on Local service areas
--- successful projects
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