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Every business needs one thing – LEADS! This is why we’ve designed a direct response approach for your digital marketing services. We know that you need to get the most attention possible to become the number one home service business in your city or town.



Establish your foundation to effectively market your home services online. This program contains all of the done by you applications that will set the business on the right path to dominate the market place.

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Our ignite program is designed to set a solid foundation for the digital side of your business. This package includes a done for you website and all the applications needed to manage your digital marketing.



Fan the flames of your fire growing your business through our scalable SEO packages. Our full service SEO package will ensure your company is found when your customers search for your services. The package includes on site SEO, off site SEO, content, link building, Google My Business optimization, and much more to make your company number one in the search results.



Fuel is our Pay-Per-Click advertising program designed to reach a wider audience of people seeking your services. Our advertising experts will set up and manage your campaigns specific to your home services business’ needs. Whether you need a simple awareness advertising campaign or want more phone calls, our local advertising expert will help you reach your targets.

World-Class Home Service Business Direct Response Digital Marketing Agency With Your Goals In Mind

Grow your reach to new markets

Increase client retention

Reduce your cost per acquisition

Brandon Garcia, owner BKXX Enterprises, LLC. a digital marketing agency

Hello, I’m Brandon, Founder of BKXX Enterprises. I’ve created this incredible direct response digital marketing solution that will drive more traffic to your website, make your phones ring off the hook, and flood the floor of your store. I call it the “Business Growth Accelerator.” The Business Growth Accelerator will get you more website traffic and sales by leveraging the power of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

BKXX Enterprises can help you rank your company to the top of the most common search engines to bring more traffic to your website and build long-lasting relationships with your clients. Our solutions makes it easy for businesses to achieve omnipresence in the digital marketplace, so you can generate more website traffic that converts browsers into buyers.

BKXX Enterprises uses a fool-proof 3-part direct response marketing strategy:

1. Provide an incredible free gift to attract your ideal customer.

2. Tell a captivating story so they fall in love with you and your services.

3. Make the most irresistible offers to your market to keep them coming back.

We make it easy for your ideal customers to reach you to learn more about your services, and keep them coming back time and time again. Your competition will be scratching their head trying to figure out your secret.


Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy

With our proven strategies and process improvement, you will gain an edge over your competitors.

Clients love our unparalleled service, support, and ROI.

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Our digital advertising approach uses refined targeting and technology to match your companies services with customers in your market who have shown an active interest in what you can provide. BKXX Enterprises was born from the idea of being different. We’ll build a unique, tailored direct response marketing strategy that fits your needs and budget, not a template to slot you into.

Our Digital Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)


Content Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Direct Mail



There are over seven billion people on this planet and 4.66 billion of them use the internet daily. Are you doing everything you can so your products and services reach them?

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