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Funnel Hacking Live is a 3-day event filled with loads of marketing content designed to take your business through the stratosphere.

Thank you for joining this first live blog. You will be getting all of my notes in real-time! Unless my battery dies lol. Refresh the screen about every 15-20 mins to get the updates.

Day one will be from 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm September 22, 2021

Davon Brown – MC

Russell Brunson – Owner Clickfunnels

“This will be the moment that will change your life forever”

Personal story of Dave Woodward. One of the top speakers and employees of click funnels was not able to make it to the event. Had a medical issue and is in need of major prayers for a strong recovery.

Entrepreneurs are the prime movers in society today.

The 4 levels of Value

  1. implementation – manual labor
  2. unification – management skils
  3. communication – mouth
  4. imagination – mind & money

Implementation – the physical work that needs to be done gets paid the lowest

Unification – the middle management comfort zone. Paid more but still stuck in the rat race

Communication – using your mouth. Selling through your voice. Can make more money but is still stuck working for someone else.

Imagination – using your mind to solve a problem and then communicating the solution.

“Entrepreneur – someone who took personal responsibility for a problem that wasn’t their own…”

Napoleon Hill _ Definiteness of purpose – There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

Book to read – Outwitting the Devil

You have two options in life. You can move forward in faith or in fear.

98% of the population are drifters. Making decisions out of fear. The devil is persuading you.

  1. poverty
  2. criticizing
  3. ill health
  4. loss of love
  5. old age
  6. death

The other 2% move forward with definiteness of purposes – faith, aka non-drifters.

  1. definiteness of purpose
  2. mastery over self
  3. learning from adversity
  4. controlling environmental influence
  5. time positive thoughts
  6. caution thinking through plans before you act

Book to read: Atlas Shrugged

Prime mover – a person or establishment that is chiefly responsible for the creation or execution of a plan or project.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown – Shakespear

What’s next???

Big Announcement

Todd Dickerson – Clickfunnels developer

ClickFunnels 2.0 coming

ClickFunnels started Sept 23, 2014

  1. Over 100,000 mmembers
  2. 1500 two comma club winners.
  3. 138 Two comma club X winners
  4. 29 Two comma Club C Winners

Over 389 team members to service you.

Russell was offered 1 Billion Dollars to sell his company.

He turned it down! The love for his customers is worth more than 1 Billion dollars.

The Big Reveal!

ClickFunnels 2.0

Rethink Everyting From The Ground Up…

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details on how it will revolutionize your funnel building!

Russell Brunson – Advanced Funnel Audibles

Russell failed 5 times before he succeeded.

Don’t build confusing funnels!

They are too hard to find the problems if there are any.

Keep it simple.

Secrete #1 Marketing Math

  • CPA- Cost Per Acquiaiton
  • ACV: Average Cart Value

Cost per acquisition – How much does it cost me to get a customer?

Average Cart Value – How Much does that customer spend in the funnel.

CPA < ACV = Scale

CPA = ACV = Stop

Secret # 2 Finding the Control

Finding the control is the purpose of funnel hacking.

Agora has 5 different sales letter compete for the best sale. The best sales gets the control. Then it gets tested again. The control could change and the new writer can get the royalties.

  • Step #1 – Who has the control – Funnel Hacking
  • Step #2 – Map out the control
  • Step #3 Build it in click funnels

Garry V Video –

Secret #3 Increase Average Cart Value

Dan Kennedy – There person who can spend the most money on ads wins.

Potential Average Cart Value – The higher the PACV the more money you can spend on ads.

Beware of Upsell Hell – (For lazy marketers that don’t love their customers)

Don’t have too many upsells. Your customers will hate it. You may make more money up front but will loose more money over time.

The First Class Offer Upgrade – There is a group of people will always buy the premium item.

Important note: The copy/webinar/pitch only sells one thing, but the order form upgrades.

More options increases profits.

Order Form Bumps

Bump between the CC and submit button.

Or you can put it on the upsell page.

Its giving premium buyers easier opportunity to upgrade

No thanks popup.

Thank you page wall.

Thank you page webinar.

Secret #4 Cost Per acquisition.

How many ads should you be making? – Ads on Facebook only last about 18 days.

Chamber Media broke down the 7 types of ads.

  1. Spokesperson Ad – person explaining the product
  2. Product Demo – Demonstrate the value to the consumer
  3. Social Proof – Opinions of others to create trust
  4. Closer Ads – Overcoming Objections to Close Sale
  5. Case Study – Showing how your products has helped
  6. Lifestyle – Showing how product increase quality of life
  7. Unboxing – Showing experience of getting the product

More quality ads will decrease you cost per aquisition

Secret #5 Earnings Per Click

What happens if…

If you have low epc = landing page is a brick wall


  1. radically different landing pages
  2. Radically different headlines
  3. Radically different offers
  4. Changing the leads – Book – Great Leads

Secrete #6 Let the market vote with their credit cards

  1.  build the best control funnle
  2. invest in ads the potential acv

after the vote … (hook, story, offer)

Any problems its either the Hook, Story, or Offer

Secret #7 Funnel Stacking

Taking your most profitable funnels and stack them to bring your customer to the top –


Anthony Trucks – Make Shift Happen

Book: Identity Shift – Upgrade how you operate to elevate your life


Lady Boss – Kaylin Poulin

The three simple strategies to expand and explode your business

Create multiple streams of income through different types of funnels

Your current business is dead

You are now in the servicing your customer business.

There questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Who is it that you serve?
  2. What’s the goal they are trying to reach?
  3. What do they want?

Prospect Over Product

The Three Strategies

  1. Listen – Hear what pains them
  2. Ask – Questions to see what they need to solve the pain
  3. Execute – Give them what they want

Built first product by surveying the target demographic – Took the biggest problems and put the solutions within the products.

Using your customers own words will help you create killer copy.

Once you deliver, keep asking them what they want.


  1. Listen in your fb group
  2. lisent in your other groups
  3. listen in your customer service emails

Put yourself in your customers shoes.

You don’t have to come up with something new… What are my customers buying from other companies already?

What are their problems that you can solve with products?


The million dollar question – Do they want it?

  1. survey them
  2. ask them what they want
  3. ask them how they want it
  4. let them vote on options

Questions for your Facebook groups

What are the biggest struggles your are having right now trying to reach your goal of ______?

What are the things that we aren’t currently offering that you would like to see from us?


  1. compile the receptive problems into categories
  2. start with the most mentioned problems
  3. ask yourself “what would solve this problem for them?”
  4. Pick one thing. Figure it out. And give it to them.


Write Down:

What three things could you offer your customers that are outside your current product or service offering?

“Don’t be afraid to do something new” – Lady Boss



Funnel Hacking Live Day 2

Day two is all about alignment. Taking the major shift points from yesterday positioning you to get aligned with your definiteness of purpose.

Trent Shelton – NFL Player, Motivational Speaker

The application creates transformation –

Your transparency will lead to your transformation.

Am I going to give myself permission to be who I truly am?

Be committed… What is going to happen when the mood leaves?

Commitment – Stay loyal to what you say you are going to do long after the mood you set has left.

Show UP! No matter the circumstances and fears. Just show up.

Once you achieve your why you will have tow things – Peace and Fulfillment.

Build Your Following

#1 To get the followers. You need to do the dark work.

Dark work is the work that no one sees. The sweat equity.

That is the work that you do on yourself.

Confidence- Giving yourself permission not fail

Build your magnet. Your magnet is something that draws people to you. What is the thing that separates you from everyone else?

Own Who You Are

Ask: What is it about me that attracts you to me?

When it comes to starting things. Too many times we start watch it for 90 days. Don’t like the result and switch it. That is not how to grow consistently.

Just be patient and trust the process

A made up mind is the most powerful thing in the whole world.

#2 Create Connections

Connect and listen. Listen not to reply but to understand what your person really needs.

What is it in my life that needs to die that keeps me from living?

That is the question to ask to figure out what is keeping you from making the connections to better your life.

Rx for connections:

  1. Emotions – touch an emotion change a life
  2. Education – Educate someone they will go from follower to family
  3. Entertainment – If you can entertain someone, you can keep their attention

#3 Create Community

Build a community by being with your people side by side.

#4 Create Consistency

Consistency – 1 conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness: the grading system is to be streamlined to ensure greater consistency. the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time: his principal problem in tennis has been consistency.


Doing the things that you said you were going to do long after the feeling left from the time that you said you were going to do something.


Krista Mayshore

How To Drive High-Quality Traffic That Actually Converts.

Pre-Funnel digital domination.

  • attract
  • connect
  • convert

Consumer statistics

  1. 93% of brands got new customers due to video
  2. 84% of people they’ve been convinced to use service by watching a video
  3. 84% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads
  4. 60% who make a purchase finder out by social media

Complete Sales – Marketing – Lead Gen -Lead Nurture – Conversion – Fulfillment and delivery- 5 Rs (refer retain, resell rituals and routines)

Book – Sway: The irresistible pull of irrational behavior

The pre-frame makes the difference.

Getting people to know us and like us through video will drive more traffic and conversions. _ Para Social Relationship


Be The Solutions _ Unless you’re solving a problem you can’t be considered a solutions

  • Know your customers’ problems
  • educate them with the solution



  1. gain


Why McDonald’s is Better than Burger King

MCD 143.9 billion VS BK 7.1 billion

  1. Systems
  2. Branding
  3. Make tough choices _ tough now or tough later
  4. Innovative
  5. emulate
  6. Be first


Goals – plan – support

Guidance  – buleprint – Strategy and systems

McCall Jones


The ability to get people to

  • pay attention
  • Trust
  • act

Charisma Hacking

Score – how good you are

Style – how you do it

F – Fan Score how good you are

A – Authority style: how you get people to act

C – Compassion style: how you get people to trust

E – Entertainment style: How you get people to pay attention.


Authority – How you make people act

  • Light – trust the process _ Best framework Big domino
  • Lift – Trust yourself _ If it worked for them it works for you
  • Lead – Trust Me _ If I can do it for them I can do it for you

Compassion – How to get people to trust you

  • Steady – They are emotionally consistent
  • Fix – They know what I’m going through
  • Mirror – They know how I feel

Entertainment – How you make people pay attention to you

  • Amaze – this is fascinating
  • Excite – I am fascinated
  • Charm – this is intriguing
  • Perform – I am intrigued
  • Impress – This is important
  • Roar – I am important

Style Traps that sabotage ourselves

  • TOO FACE – The one you compensate for Someone who says you are too “X” It shuts you down due to that rejection
  • oOo Face – The one you wish you were
  • EW Face – The one you think is evil

When to model each style

  • F Fans: Conversion rate, watch time/drop off rate
  • A Authority: CTAS End of videos
  • C Compassion: Stories of pain Anytime time they are needing someone to trust them
  • E Entertainment: Beginning of videos

Charisma.style Self-assessment for discovering your charisma style

John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneurs on Fire

Create Grow and Monetize your platform the Funnel Hackers Way

Why Podcasting?

  • Free, on-demand, targeted
  • You own the platform
  • (Can Be) Evergreen
  • Networking
  • Influence
  • Hone your speaking skills


  • Pale, weak imitation – don’t do this
  • Identify one big idea
  • discover the underserved niche
  • Become the #1 solutions to the problem


  • F.O.C.U.S. – Follow one course until success
  • Podcast Networks
  • Convert the converted – Spend one day being on 20 different channels
The Perfect Podcast Pitch
  1. apple podcast – choose your category, see all, top 200, list out the podcast, pick one in your nice. go to website and contact
  2. The Pitch (Link coming soon)


  • Sponsors
  • #funnelhackers
  • free valuable constant
  • knows likes trust
  • biggest struggle
  • create the #1 solution

The Funnel Hackers Way – Entrepreneurs on Fire – Podcasters Paradise

  1. What are you struggling with?
  2. Outro free podcast course funnel pitch
  3. Evergreen series… Create a few throw-it-up to drive traffic to your funnels.

Eofire.com/fhl2021 _ Slide Deck


Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera – Agency Coach

Problem _ Most businesses don’t have a shadow sales funnel

The funnel – Lead capture, sales process, order, upsell & ascend – $$$

Active shadow traffic- People who are actively looking at the credibility of your offer or business

Shadow sales funnel – brand search, credibility movement offers and publishing, drive back to sales funnel, $$$

Branded Searches X Customers = Revenue Potential

149,520 X 1% = 1495 X $997 = 1.49million

149,520 X0.5% = 798 X 997 =800k

What if you are starting out? Do you have shadow traffic?

The Shadow funnel grows in relation to your sales funnel

Two things improve conversions-.

  1. Eliminate Skepticism
  2. Build Trust

Active searchers are going to research you to see who you are and if they can trust you and do business with you.

Developing your Funnel Hub –

It is all about book Expert Secrets

  1. Develop your about us page to drive back to your funnels. Put your attractive character in there
  2. Review hub Showcase testimonial and reviews
  3. Movement/tribe page
  4. Offers Keep linking offers back to your funnels.
  5. Publishing


Matt Howard & Jason Howard

“How We ‘Reverse Engineered’ the Traditional Ecommerce Funnel…and pick the WINNING Products Every Time!”

DTC has a problem according to Gary V.

98% of DTC brands are out of business they just don’t know it yet.

“It’s never been cheaper to start a business although I think it’s never been harder t oscale a business.” – Neil Blumental, CEO Warby Parker

The SMAQ – Single most asked question…

“What products should I sell and how do I find products to sell?”

A lot of people get this wrong by following what others are doing.

Analogy: Jason races cars. He is really good. You want to be really good so you follow Jason. But Jason could be heading straight for a wall and you would have no clue because you are just following him.

How we use Sandbox Funnels to find proven Two comma Club products over and over again.

Rule #2 Sequence Matters – don’t do things out of order

If you have a business card but no revenue you are out of order.

Rule #1 Products don’t matter

What Matters?

A3 Framework

  1. Audience
  2. Algorithms – marketing is controlled by algorithms, trying to game the system won’t help you
  3. Analytics – they like numbers

Example: You start with a product and build offers around it. You add bonuses to it and may discount the end price. Then you promote it.

Product –> Offer –> Transaction –> Buyer or Lead

The problems with starting with a product.

  • Slow
  • Expensive
  • Unproven
  • Unreliable
  • Lottery Mentality
  • Easily Discovered by Competitors
  • Not Algorithm Friendly
  • Fatigues or Goes Stale Easily (think fidget spinners or yo-yo craze of the early 2000s)
  • Higher Risk

You pray you get it right.

Reality: Top 2% are repeatedly in the top 2% and the 98% are the 98%.

Example: Matt had a spine issue causing his lifestyle to suffer. He got a Rx – an expensive surgery to correct the issue. He bought it. He didn’t care what the treatment, pill, or therapy was. He just wanted his lifestyle. He would have bought anything.

Event –> Consultation –> Diagnosis –> Rx

The Sandbox Funnel

The Sandbox funnel is located in the members area of your click funnels account. Don’t have a click funnels account – Get your 14 day free trial here.

Matt and Jason still use a traditional funnel to sell. Why?

  • Provides a clear A – B path
  • Its conversion oriented
  • High effort – it takes time to get right

Sandbox Funnel

  • Allows for machine learning to take place
  • More discoverable
  • Low Effort – designed to be fast
  • Discover outliers and opportunities better

Flipping it around for an online store. You start with the audience. Then the conversation to match a naked offer that leads to fulfillment.

Audience –> Sandbox –> Naked Offer –> Fulfillment

Live example: Golfers Stand up.

What are some of your challenges?

  • Distance
  • Slicing
  • Consistency

Who wants to be more consistent? (Most stay up)

How many of you want to work on your short irons? (Some sit down)

Who wants to increase the length of your drive? (Some stand back up)

If Matt can show you how to add 30 yards within 2 rounds straight up the fairway consistently would you be interested? – YES!

Would you pay $47? -YES!

Would you pay $97 -YES!

Would you pay $10,000- (One crazy guy still standing)

How many would pay $197 – A few said yes.

Matt offers to eliminate the 3 putt to the $197 offer – More said yes.

The point is now you have an audience and a price point at which they will buy something. Doesn’t matter what it is.

People don’t buy products. They buy outcomes.

In world of algorithms and social media, Facebook loves engagement. It’s cheap, ease and fast and at this point there is no investment of time to source a product.

You have a set group of people ready to buy an outcome and all you have to do is decide how to fulfill it.

  • Live training
  • a product
  • digital course
  • exercise program
  • supplement.
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